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Monday, May 12, 2008

7 things about me

I’ve been tagged by Sit. Here the title and the rules this time…

Link to the person that tagged you and posts the rules on your blog.

Share seven random and/or weird things about yourself.

Tag seven people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So, 7 things about myself to tell you huh? *thinking*

*ooooppppsssss… still thinking*

Okie dokie!

Well, here it goes…

First; I’m a wife to my beloved husband who are studying here in Melbourne and I have a beautiful 17th month’s old precious princess. Ooooppppp chop! Rasanya semua orang tau dah yang ini kan? So, I’ll make it something else lah. Apa ek?

Ok… Let’s start again!

First; I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science majoring in Software Engineering from UTM. But all this years I never got a job in my field. I’m really upset about it. Eh wait! My last job; I was developing a website for my company but I was a PA not a programmer. *sigh*

Second; I’m addicted to blog. I really love to upload and update my blog! All the time! Any story! And I also love to read other people blogs, either my friends or not. Aku boleh mengadap berjam-jam depan pc sebab blog. Oh please… how to make me stop? But you know what? I love my blog. This is the place I can write anything; about me, my hubby, my little girl, family, anything! And I love to read it back all over again and again… Do you have one? Well, you should have one…

Third; I’m admiring Neezam’s long shining hair. Macam iklan sunsilk tak? Hahaha…

Fourth; I love to drink coke + fresh milk. Weird huh? But believes me, it’s really yummy!

Fifth; Senang nak dibuat kawan. Percaya tak? Let’s be friend!

Sixth; hmmm… may be some love story to spice up the list. Ok?

I meet my beloved hubby at UTM Skudai in 2000. We’re being friend since then; a very best friend. He is really nice and gentle guy. Even though he looked like a geek at that time but he is really cute *for me*! Hehehe… We’re really fit in together, just like hand and glove. 11th December 2001, he proposed me to be her girlfriend. Gatay tak? Hahahha… And of course aku pun setuju. Hehehe… Dua-dua gatay ek? ;p After a few years knowing each other, we tied the knot. We’re engaged in 11th December 2004 and married in 11th December 2005. Now, at 29th month of marriage and 77th month being in love with him, I love him more and more… Loving him makes me happy! Jiwang karat tak? Oh ya… 11th December are the very meaningful date to us and we’re celebrating every 11th of the month.

Okies… move to the last list! What else ek? Actually I’m out of idea.

*thinking… bling!* Seventh and the last; Wak kang jawa *my abah* + leng loi *my emak* = me! *yup! I’m mixed*

Done! Seven things to share with you about myself. I never think that it’s quite hard to think what to share about myself in blogsphere. Although everything I wrote here in my blog was about me, but when it comes to list-it-down, it quite hard… Muahahhahah…

So know I need to tag 7 other people. Saperlah aku nak tag kali ni. Actually I have a few names in mind, tapi aku takut diorang ni bzlah plak. Maklumlah… semua kengkawan aku (with blog) samada bekerja atau belajar. Mana ada masa nak main-main gini ek. Aku jer yang sedang berpoya-poya. Hahaha… Nway, aku tag jer lah yer. Jangan marah yer saper yang kena tag tu. Kalau rasa ada masa wat lah, kalau bz, just leave it. No hard feeling ok.

Next 7 people to be tagged are…

1. Iszan @ http://iszslurp.blogspot.com/ (yup… again!)

2. Kak Ngah @ http://misneeya.blogspot.com/

3. Zai @ http://mywordsoflife.blogs.friendster.com/

4. Adah @ http://kufikirkurasa.blogs.friendster.com/ (again…)

5. Lela @ http://anaknaga.blogs.friendster.com/

6. Nani @ http://hazedazed.blogs.friendster.com/

7. Fiza @ http://ija161.blogs.friendster.com/

Gud luck!

*juliet le sweetheart : kenapa mesti 7?


shortysoul said...

bley saya link? salam perkenalan…
haha..saya pun addict kat blog. pelik kan? sampai lebam2 biji mata. rasa macam best plak

Juliet Le Sweetheart said...

salam perkenalan shortysoul… nice to meet you. bolehlah kongsi addict sama-sama yer

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