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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dia buat hal lagiiiii!!!

Eeeeee... bengang giler beb malam tadi! Ni hal jiran ler ni... si india depan rumah ni. Tak habis-habis buat bising!!! Dari dulu tak berubah!!!

Dalam minggu ni dah beberapa kali buat party. Party atuk dia mampos kot. Kot dia dapat harta kat Sri Lanka tu berbillion-billion US dollar agaknyer kan, tu yang tak henti-henti celebrate tu agaknyer! Tension! Tension!

Sebelum-sebelum ni dia wat party, siang malam, kitorang sabaaaarrrr jer. Memekak-mekak... Terjerit terlolong sampai malam-malam buta! Tapi kitorang sabaaaarrrr gak. Aku dan Neezam pikir, "ah tak per lah... sekali sekala dia nak wat party." Takkan kitorang nak larang plak kan? Tapi makin lama, makin melampau plak si india ni kan. Menguji kesabaran sungguh! Agaknyer diorang ingat kitorang senyap macam kitorang ni tak kesah kot diorang buat bising. Tak pun diorang ingat kitorang ni pekak kot, tak dengar segala bunyi yang datang dari appartment diorang tu.

Tapi malam tadi... memang menguji kesabaran. Memang dah pecah meletop-letop tahap kesabaran maksima dah! Macam gunung berapi yang meletus... tau dak!

First step, kitorang wat ler report kat RA. Sms 2 kali; dah ler tak berjawab, datang pun tidak. RA ni pun satu! Nak kena maki gak agaknyer! Eeeeee... sabar lagi... Kitorang call pulak... Selamba kodok jer pompuan ni kata,

"They have right to party until midnight." Aik?! Bila masa pulak ada regulation baru ni? Kalau ikut kat handbook appartment ni, tak der plak kata boleh memekak terjerit terlolong sampai pukul 12 malam. Tapi tertulis yang setiap residents kena respect resident lainnyer privasi terutamanyer tak bleh sesuka nak memekak waktu malam.

Tapi mungkin sebab nak sedapkan hati aku, si RA ni kata dia akan gi gak appartment 17 ni, suruh diorang slow down skit ler konon. Beberapa minit lepas tu, dia datang. Tapi... sound kat mamat-mamat india dan negrito tu ala-ala gedixxxx jer... sambil gelak-gelak! Tak serius langsung! Manalah diorang nak dengar kata. Agaknyer datang gatal dia kot bila tengok jantan-jantan kat rumah tu! Eeeeee... sabar jer lah. Bunyi radio pun slow sekejap jer. Tak sampai seminit, bila RA tu berambus, dah kuat balik sound dia. Ok... sabar lagi... fine! Sebab masa tu pukul 11.20 pm. Kalau lepas tengah malam diorang memekak gak, aku akan report lagi!

Tik... tok... tik... tok... masa berjalan lambat jer aku rasa. Mata ngantuk, tapi tak bleh tidur sebab gegendang telinga aku ni tak berhenti-henti bergegar. Macam nak pecah pun ada rasanyer! Geraaaaammmmmm jer! Nasib baik Niesreena dah tidur sebelum diorang start memekak tadi. Kalau tak mahu celik gak Niesreena waktu tu. Cuma beberapa kali jugak lah Niesreena terbangun bila diorang menjerit-jerit.

Pukul 12, diorang masih terpekik-pekik lagi. Tak per... bagi can beberapa minit lagi. 12.30 am, masih tak berubah! Neezam call RA, tapi si RA bodoh ni tak datang pun! Tapi tadi angkat tepon. Sambung membuta agaknyer!

Banyak kali Neezam cakap kat aku, "tak per lah sayang... sabar jer lah..." Hmmm... ye lah... sabar je lah... Tapi rupa-rupanyer, Neezam yang hilang sabar. Lebih kurang 15 minit pastu, tetiba jer Neezam bangun dari kerusi study dia dan keluar dan ketuk pintu rumah depan. Terkejut gak aku. Aku dengarlah Neezam sound mamat-mamat tu supaya respect skit kat jiran. Lagipun dah pukul 1 pagi! Aku dengar ler jugak diorang kata "relax man... relax man..." Relax kepala atuk dia kan?!!! Saper bleh relax kalau dah 5 jam straight memekak. Dah tu bukan malam tadi jer... malam-malam sebelum tu tak kira lagi!

Hehehhehehe... Bangga gak ngan Neezam sebab berani sound diorang. Ye lah... bukan aper... ntah diorang tengah mabuk ke... haper ke kan... tak cari pasal namanyer? Dah tu diorang dah ler ramai... Besar-besar plak tu! Tapi puas hati lah. Memang mati ler bunyi radio pastu. Tapi still dengar ler diorang borak-borak, tapi dah tak macam kena sawan jerit-jerit dah lah. Pastu barulaaaahhhhh aku bleh tidur dengan lenanyer... :) *Tq abang! You are my hero! Hehehehe...

Hmmmm... ingatkan cerita malam tadi habis kat situ jer... tapi... pagi ni kitorang dapat plak email dari office appartment ni...

* * * * *

--- On Wed, 3/11/09, University Mews wrote:

From: University Mews
To: "Khairunneezam Mohd Noor"
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 6:45 PM

Hi Neezam,

I understand there was noise complaints made about your neighbour in apartment 17 last night. I have spoken with the resident today and had a stern conversation with him regarding noise which I hope will make him more respectful of his neighbours. I have also suggested to your neighbour that if it is possible perhaps he could move his tv and stereo to another wall in the apartment as at the moment they back on to your bedroom wall.

I have no problems with you approaching your neighbour directly about the noise. However I was informed that you raised your voice quite loudly and seemed extremely worked up when you spoke with him. While I completely understand your impatience with the situation it is not appropriate to speak to your neighbour while you are so angry. If you are unable to to approach him and remain calm I would encourage you to contact the residential assistant and they can approach on your behalf.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter please let me know.


University Mews
1251 Plenty Rd
Victoria 3083
PH: 03 9466 8215
Fax: 03 9466 8522http://www.universitymews.com.au/

* * * * *

Bengang beb! Mengadu gak rupernyer diorang tu. Diorang yang salah... kitorang jugak yang kena 'sound'. Apalagi... Neezam pun reply baeeeekkk punyer!

* * * * *

--- On Wed, 3/11/09, Khairunneezam Mohd Noor wrote:

From: Khairunneezam Mohd Noor
Subject: Re:
To: "University Mews"
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 8:01 PM


It is really easy for you to advise me such thing without experience yourself what my daughter, my pregnant wife and I faced almost everyday! You will not know our feelings when almost every night we need to be 200% patient and tolerant to noises made by our neighbour. I admit my unethical way of confronting them, a bit harsh, however I don't think that my voice was too loud. Just think of this --- My daughter didn't wake up because of my voice yesterday (as Sanjay mentioned that it is loud eh?) and she slept soundly without being irritated by my voice. However, she woke up 4-5 times because of noises and shouts made by the tenant of apt 17 and his friends. The loud sounds which come from their television or radio is not a big issue for us. It's up to them to put it anywhere in their house include in their own toilet... we don't mind and we don't even care. But, they need to control their own voice and their conversation not to be too loud until we could hear every single word they say from our bedroom!

Another thing Taryn, you mentioned 'If you are unable to approach him and remain calm I would encourage you to contact the residential assistant and they can approach on your behalf.' We had sent phone message twice to the on-duty RA last night and called her also twice to complain about this matter. How many times you think is appropriate for us to call RA to complain! 10 times? 100 times? We knew that she had come here to talk to the apt 17's tenant to remain quiet after mid-night, they still partying and make noises even worse after mid-night. We knew that the RA had did her job last night, but it's not enough.

Put your self in my position, as a studying father, one of the best time to do my reading, writing or any academic activities is when my daughter fall asleep. How could I be 100% focus on my work if my daughter were crying over and over again? How could I studying with noises and disturbances which they (my beloved neighbour) as normal and well-behaved people could control? And now put yourself in my wife's position, she's on her 31st week of pregnancy, she would be easily irritated and disturbed by any noises or something when she's sleeping because at this moment, her feeling becomes really really sensitive. Based on all this, and uneffective action taken by the RA last night, I myself confronted Sanjay and asked him to control the condition. Everybody has his limit. I reached my limit last night. You know what, at the moment his apartment's door opened for me, I saw that 2-3 of his friends ran away towards the bedroom while laughing as this matter is not actually a serious thing to them? And you said it is not appropriate to confront somebody else when I am angry? So, what? After the RA wasn't able to fix the problem, it's my RESPONSIBILITY AS THE LEADER OF MY FAMILY to do what is right! You may ask Sanjay again, I talked to him nicely, and I gave him a SMILE! I think what made him said that my voice was so loud last night maybe because of I need to speak louder than the volume of his television so that he could LITERALLY UNDERSTAND THAT I WAS BEGGING HIM TO CONTROL HIS APARTMENT'S CONDITION.

Finally, I want to apologise you if any of my words here is not appropriately mentioned. We just want to have our privacy, have our piece of mind living here in university Mews as what you promised us in your website and your handbook. I believed that you as the management of this apartment will be always serious on taking care of ALL THE TENANTS' PRIVACY especially tenants' with small kids.

I will see Sanjay myself and apologise him if he think that "I speaked too loud to him" last night, you just don't worry about that. I always want to live in peace and harmony with all my neighbours, and I can't be individualistic and so selfish towards them.

Nevertheless, a person who have a good and balanced judgement will always listen from both parties when something happened between them. Not only listen and believe one party's explanation. We believed and will always believe that you're not this kind of person.

Thanks for your e-mail.

Graduate School of Management
La Trobe University
Bundoora Victoria
Australia 3086

* * * * *

Ambik kau!!! Banyak ler jugak kata-kata sinis kat situ. Tu pun kalau si Taryn ni geti bahasa lah.


Hmmmm.. petang tadi kebetulan Neezam terserempak dengan mamat india malam tadi tu @k@ the appartment 17 tenant tu, kat parking lot. Sempat gak lah Neezam cakap kat dia, agar kejadian malam tadi tak berulang lagi. Hmmmm... entah mamat tu paham ke tak. Kalau dah dasar kaki party, memang susah nak berubah!

Eeeee... aku harap diorang ni pindah lah dari sini... tak pun... kitorang ingat, kitorang jer lah yang nak pindah dari sini. Nak cari tempat yang aman damai dan tenteram skit. Hehehehe...

*juliet le sweetheart : orang mengandung ni kena banyak bersabar, tapi sampai tahap mana?

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