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Monday, April 28, 2008

MIL and her crystals collection

Aku rasalah kan… hari ni… first time dalam sejarah keluarga mertua aku… membeli…

jeng jeng jeng


suratkhabar Nanyang Siang Pau…

hehehhee… betul ke aku eja ek?

Why? Because a few days ago my mom-in-law was being interviewed by Nanyang Siang Pau’s journalist regarding her crystals collection. She had more than 500 types of crystals accessories which are sort of rantai, gelang tangan, gelang kaki, ring and brooch, in many types of shapes and colours. And believe me… there are all beautiful! I got one set for myself too!

Well, these are the stories and of course I don’t understand a word of it. Hehehhehe… But that’s my mom-in-law in gorgeous red baju kurung with her collections.

*juliet le sweetheart : I wished I was there on that interviewing time. Bleh interframe… Hehehehe… ;p

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