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Sunday, March 9, 2008

It was like tsunami!

Last night I was very tired and I slept very early. I just woke up when I heard Neezam still online with whomever and said ‘Sammy Vellu was lost!’. At first I thought I was dreaming, but I’m not!

It was 3 in the morning here in Melbourne and the election results slowly came out; one by one on the web, not sure which web that Neezam had surfed. And every time it showed it was really shock results! Some times I thought it was a fake results, maklumlah kat laman web takutlah ada kesilapan . Unfortunately, it’s true! Tak larat nak tunggu sampai semua result keluar, so I went back to sleep.

This morning, of course, first thing I want to know is the election result. It was a very shock to know that the oppositions won in Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and of course Kelantan; 4 ministers, 10 deputies were lost their seats! BN will form the next government with just simple majority! What a shame! I really can’t believe it! Giler ar!

Satu tamparan hebat untuk Pak Lah and the geng. May be after this they can think deeper or perhaps deepest and revise back what went wrong in their administration. Four trial years for Pak Lah was over and it seems that people were not happy with what Pak Lah has done or may be nothing has done. Rakyat nak pembaharuan. Rakyat dah boleh berfikir. I think it’s better to change ‘Yang Berhormat’ to ‘Yang Berkhidmat’ so they will always remember that they have to work for us not just want to be respect for nothing.

Well, fyi, I’m not a politics talker person. I don’t even know which minister for which ministry. Just sorang dua lah. Hehehehhe… It just that I’m a little bit concern with this big changes. It was like tsunami, right? Really big! Really scary! Kalau korang semua ingatlah masa sekolah dulu ada belajar sejarah kan? Despite of racial issue, peristiwa 13 May happened because of government was formed with simple majority on that time. I’m really hoping that nothing bad happen this time. No riot, no rebellion! Please!

Nway, congrats to oppositions parties for the big winning yesterday. And also for Nurul Izzah! Wow… I never thought she can beat Sharizat! Hugo girl!!!

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