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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Sweet little baby

Hello sweet little baby growing inside

I guess we’re both along for the ride

I’m excited… I’m nervous… I’m filled with joy

On how my life’s changing while we both await

I don’t mind your kicks; I know you just need to move a bit

You growing bigger each and every day

These nine months are so special

When we are joined as one

Please be patience, it won’t be long until we are together

Our family is growing with many special days to come

Next month you will be with me on this most special day of all

But for now until you’re here, I just wanted you to know,



Khairunneezam aka laki kau said...

khairunniesreena… ayah can’t wait no more

*juliet le sweetheart said...


Aini said...

i also can’t wait any longer :)…moga ur lil princess selamat dilahirkan… give a kiss to ur baby on my behalf nanti …

*juliet le sweetheart said...

tq Nurul... and i will... :)

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